Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm a train wreck. Toothache. Headache. Earache. Neck ache. Seriously. Every day this week save one I have taken a nap over lunch hour because I am so miserable.

The note above is from Baeleigh, of course. This is why I am against the phonetic teaching of words. She spells things phonetically rather than from memory. That's why it's "Hay" and not "Hey".

I remember when I was the exact same age as Bae, I was in second grade and my mom found a note that said "I want to be President of the United States." Nothing was spelled wrong because Teachers back then were ruler whackers! You had to be proficient in reading and writing by 3rd grade or your knuckles would pay the price.

Speaking of third grade, at my 20th year reunion my friend Jeremy and I were in the same 3rd grade class. We talked about "Klep" aka Mrs. Kleppinger. She was mean and hateful. I was a straight A student until I walked her dreadful path...I still have the grade card: Straight A's and one C. It might was well been an F. I didn't get C's and rarely B's. I was LIVID with anger. Yes, it was her fault that I got a C in READING of all subjects (I am an excellent reader - have NEVER had problems with it) and she told my mother the reason I got a C was because I was in the top reading group and I did just enough to "get along." I was "average". I still loathe that woman. How could I be "average" in reading, if I were an A student in writing and language?? Good question. She just didn't like me because I talked too much.

So about my aches and pains, I went all to heck in one week. Started out with a head cold that traveled to my lungs, then my tooth started hurting from the crown leaking, which I think led to my ear ache. My neck hurts from holding my jaw. When it all starts hurting at the same time, I am a mean woman.

I go to the dentist on Monday.

Regardless of the outcome, I am hoping for good pain killers.


Friday, September 18, 2009

"To be a butterfly, you must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar..."

I was getting ready for bed and the text came in from Ty. Before I opened it, I was like, oh no, something is wrong with Geege.

Nothing is wrong. The stinkin' crazies were having a party! Yes, you read right. A PARTY. The whole fam damily got together to shave mom's head. Madi started it...Gage mohawked it...and Ty finished it. Then they made Jersey Mud desserts to finish off the party.

What's a Jersey Mud?? I had to hear about Jersey Mud's for years from Jen ~ every year in Michigan they would all go to the little dairy bar and get the world famed "Jersey Mud" It consists of one scoop of vanilla icecream, one scoop of chocolate ice cream, malt, marshmallow cream - all topped with whipcream and a cherry. I finally got to eat one for myself this summer. It was delicious.

I stared at the picture above and laughed out loud. Then the pic of her completely bald, I smiled so big ~ she looks ADORABLE. Cute as a button, I swear.

And then I laid in bed and cried all night...and really haven't stopped yet.

Me: You look so cute! Do you keep rubbing your head?!?
G.: Yes! But it feels so good! I just couldn't handle pulling it out.
Me: YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE PULLING IT OUT. is what I thought, but I said, "Bae said Awesome Mohawk!
G: Tell her I know where she can get one!
Me: We laughed and then had a good cry about it.
G: Oh! It's only hair! Hopefully by March I will be wig-free!
G: i Love you too. Goodnight.

On that note, please continue to pray for G.G. She has another round of chemo coming up.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop Pulling Your Hair OUT.

The coolest thing happened last night; I met Patti for dinner and then I stopped to get gas at Meijer. I was driving past Julie's house on Pole Lane and I was thinking about Jenny, wondering if Madi had practice for Cheerleading or what was going on..if Jenny was resting at Julie's or whatever, and then right in front me...There she is! I was so excited to see G.G.

She pulled over at McKinley Park and I got out and sat in her car for ten minutes so she wouldn't be late getting Madi from practice. I hugged her and said "You have no idea how much I love you" and then I heard something rustle in the back seat and it scared me TO DEATH. I screamed. Ahhh! What is it??!!

It was just Gage! I am a paranoid freak anymore. So then, G.G. had to show me her latest development with her she pulled out a handful...I cried the whole way home.

I have other issues going on as well, but I think I am more upset about her hair falling out than she is. I wish I had her mental clarity and toughness. I guess that's what you get when you grow up on a dairy farm where you have to work from dawn to dusk every day in the barns. I always loved doing chores and Geege hated it. I guess if I had to to do it every day too, I would hate it.

Imagine how messy my room was...can you imagine if my parents owned a barn?? Not a good thought.

I hardly get on Baeleigh for her pig pen of a room, I just close the door...

Steph called me this morning and said "Hey, I'm not going to keep you" and then we both started laughing. We don't know why that was so darn funny. But we laughed because the other one was laughing and finally, after ten minutes of laughing and remembering that Steph's not "keeping me" she finally says: I want you to speak at my funeral when I die.

DIE??? Is there something YOU'RE NOT TELLING ME!??!

I said, I can't watch you die! I thought all of us girls would live together at the nursing home, where we can sit around and do group therapy and then partake in Jack Kevorkian's group euthansia! Then we all go at the same time!

We laughed and laughed and then she had to get all serious on me again.

"Seriously. If I die, you have to stand up and tell everybody all the great stories."

What the heck!!?? I thought I was the funeral singer? Now I'm the funeral singer and the funeral talker??

Good grief. How do these people expect me to pull this stuff off.

My friend Gigi (not to be confused with G.G.) said something that is sticking in my brain: "It is what it is. You have to accept it." I hate acceptance of anything that i don't want to accept. Why can't everybody just act and do as I say and love me all the while? Why do people have problems and issues and baggage and drama and all that nonsense??

It is what it is.

We all die. We all have problems. We all fail in some area of our lives. We are ever changing every day.

So, okay, Stephanie Norton Rayburn aka "Information Station" I will do your funeral. But I hope more than anything, that I go first...because I can't stand the thought of losing one more person in this life that I love.

On that depressing note...I'll make sure at your funeral that I tell everyone about the night we went to the popcorn festival and you laughed so hard water came squirting out your nose! And then you tried to wipe your nonsense on me and I said "Don't get that on my shirt!" What a good friend I am! Friend of the Year for Natalie Powers! I accept this award with humbleness and great honor!

You guys keep me around for free comedy, admit it.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Underwear Post

Okay, I couldn't find a decent pic to post of the new Victoria Secret BioFit bra (I didn't want grannie's panties in a wad) BUT! it is AMAZINGINGLY COMFORTABLE! I ordered it a size smaller than usual because it has lift in it and Lord knows I don't need anymore lift.

What is so great about it that is has MEMORY FOAM in it. MEMORY FOAM. Like your pillow. Well, like my pillow, I guess if you are still in to feather pillows like JP.

Anyhoo ~ I had to tell you about this because it's my duty as your friend and your sister and your grand daughter.

Gran, I know you hate "talkin' about under duds" but seriously, I love you.

So, until next time, may your shoulders not ache, your back feel good...and may your chest be cradled in memory foam. (There, I said 'chest' instead of boobs. Happy?)



Monday, September 14, 2009

Bucket List Update

Summer is coming to end and I did get a good start on my Bucket List. Here is the latest:

5. Visit the Statue of Liberty ~ Patti and I have planned a trip for November. We are going to do our Christmas Shopping, catch a Broadway show and head out to the Statue of Liberty. It's going to be an awesome birthday this year!

14. Go to MI with Jenny & Kattie ~ well, Kattie didn't quite make it, but I spent a week with Jenny in the Upper Peninsula, so I am counting this as completed.

43. Go to Gatlinburg w/ Grannie ~ we did this and it was amazing to spend 5 days with her and my family! AWWESOMENESS

44. Vacation in the Florida Keys ~ well, it just so happens that Jamie's cousin, Farrell, sent us an invitation to her Wedding in the Florida Keys on April 11! Woo hoo! It's on a Sunday so we will go from Friday to Monday I'm guessing.

That's it. Nothing overly exciting, but if I don't hold myself accountable I won't do all the things on the list.

Happy week is the fair...which means more "heart attack waiting to happen" food. So I better accomplish more things on my list in case my heart gets all clogged up. LOL

Much love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To My Beautiful Daugther...

You are the greatest gift ever given to me. You give give give every second of every day. Your sweet voice gives me hope for a future generation of kind, compassionate and empathetic people.

Your child-like faith reminds me that when we see only one set of footprints ~ God is carrying us.

And when we are sitting in the sand, it's not because God dropped's because we flopped out on our own. And we always have His warm, loving arms to crawl back in to.

You remind me that life is only life if it is lived for today...not yesterday or tomorrow...but NOW.

I need you to know that my lap and my arms will never be unavailable to you. I hope when you are 30 you still sit with me under a warm cozy blanket and watch movies.

The curls in your hair remind of me of my own...we have Brenda's eyes...we have her free spirit...we have her lovely voice...but you have inherited your best traits from your Daddy...your giving heart, your long eyelashes and your strong, intelligent mind.

I write these things because we never know when Jesus is going to call us home...and as long as it's written down somewhere, you can read it whenever you want to.

So, whatever you do...

Never stop...

...Reading your bible ~ it is the road map for your life.

...Singing ~ it will quench the ache of a thirsty soul.

...Appreciating your grandparents... they offer a deep love like no other.
...Encouraging others ~ you will make a positive difference in someone else's life.

...Giggling...your belly laugh brings me more joy than you will ever know.

...Writing makes your creative mind think and empathize with others...

...Loving people...even when they are different from you ~ God created us all ~ and regardless of who or where we are in life, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Should they not return the favor to you, do not compromise your behavior but do not tolerate theirs...being respectful does not mean that you have to be friends with everyone.

...Investing your time and energy into those people who love you and care for you. Don't waste your time trying to change's their responsibility. You are only responsible for you.

...Being nice to old people ~ you will be old some day too.

...Talking to me...I will be true to you and protect you the best I can...I am always on your side...and I will always be your biggest fan.
I love you!

Forever and ever.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If Underwear Embarrasess You, Do Not Read This Post.

Things may get a little personal on here today. If you know me, you know that I am sitting here laughing out loud at myself...Luther and I (my birdy) are having a great day. I needed to take a break from a HUGE GIGANTIC domestic case I've been devoting all of my time and energy to the last 48 hours.

So about the personal issues... Schwen, Remember when you used to come to Crop Night with your Victoria's Secret bag?? I wonder if Kerri and Gigi remember that??

It was way back when you were saving money to buy a Creative Memories tote. I think I had an Old Navy bag for awhile. I am still giggling...

Anyhoo...awhile back, Victoria was having a big brassiere sale so I stocked up but now that I've lost some weight...what a wonderful reason to shop more!! I had a $15 off coupon and the internet store didn't give me my coupon credit at the check out. Makes me crazy ~ they try to gyp me out of the darn coupon every month and it is making me mad. The people at customer service probably all fight over who has to answer my disgruntled emails.

But darnit, times are tough, and bras are expensive and $15 is a lot of money to me.

In my mind, (and this is how Jamie says "they get ya") I think, Okay, I was going to spend the whole amount BEFORE the coupon, so I might as well get some matching underwear! You know, the underwear they charge $15 a pair for that only co
sts them .50 cents because they pay some poor puerto ricans a whopping .10 cents an hour. But! They put the panties on SALE for 3 for $30. That's more savings! I can't pass up a sale!

Did I get the most out of my $15 coupon????, because I spent $30 more dollars on under duds!!!

Expected delivery date is Sept. 12. Jamie and I just talked last night how broke I am but he mistakenly made a snide remark: "Hey, your bra and your underwear don't match today" Ha!Magic words! I'll show him! I decided to make my under-roos match and spent $63.00 on undergarments! I am so spiteful. Well, actually, it is $78 because the idiots forgot to take off my coupon AGAIN. Which brings us back to my original gripe that started this rant.

Thank you for listening to me obsessively rage about my underwear problems. I appreciate it.
After all...that's what friends are for...right?


P.S. Sorry Grandma, I know you are dying of humiliaton, but seriously, it's going to be okay. Only 3 people read this anyways (if I'm lucky) and all three of them have seen my underwear. And hopefully when they did...I matched...

Oh, and P.S.S. I just got a text from Gee Gee ~ she just finished her first round of chemo. She feels pretty good so far...but they told her that she would be out of hair in ten days....below is her "new" hair and I truly LOVE it! I love the high lights and it looks really real. When she came home from shopping, the kids didn't even know it was fake! So keep praying for our girl. She is tough, she'll do fine I'm sure. xoxo