Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Feeling Alive

The cold is slowly but surely leaving me - Thank you Jesus! This weekend is packed full - Saturday I have a class reunion to attend - my best friend Lisa is organizing the event for her class but I am crashing it because I am friends with all those people too. I'm sure I will hear "didn't you graduate a year after us?" and I'm going to say..."No! Where did you ever get that idea?"

Also on Saturday morning I'm getting my long over due highlights. Laura, my hair girl, is awesome. I always look forward to what she is going to try to talk me in to. I wish she was a tad bit cheaper though - seems like everytime I hit the salon it hits me with a $100 credit card charge not to mention I am in dire need of the $15 a bottle hairspray. Schewen, I think we have to blame Jill for our hair frenzies. She is our dear friend that is a Hair Artist - she doesn't just cut your hair - she gives you a look all your own. Unfortunately, Jill's cuts went up to $50 (she works up north in the rich section of town) and I had to find someone local to so my daughter could get the proper food groups on a daily basis. Fish sticks and mozzarella cheese are good for most days, but I gotta get eggs and fruit in there too.

Since Wendy is the only person reading this, I might as well make her laugh. Do you remember (well, I know you do, but anyhoo...) that time we took my convertible (conveerrrtttalbe) over to Marengo at midnight, on 71 South and almost got ran off the road by a Semi truck??? We were praising Jesus the whole rest of the way there! Then we decided to stalk a fellow - I can't even remember his name - but he had a crush on you - and we drove by his house with my binoculars in tow:

Nat: I can't see anything.
Wen: Stop slowing down, they're going to see you.
Nat: I can't drive fast and see.
Wen: Hurry up, they'll call the Sheriff.
Nat: Wait, I can see...something...
Wen: Hurry up, they'll call the Sheriff...
Nat: No they won't...wait...
Wen: Hurry up, they'll call the Sheriff...

Then a car came and we got spooked, drove up the road by these silo thingys and found a couple parking.

Oh my.

So we drove in town by the pool hall and guess who's truck we found...the crush guy. We weren't brave enough to go in were we Girlfriend?

Since it's friday, I have the lovely BBC bulletin to do so I should quit rambling and do my job.

xoxo's to my Schwen.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's summertime. Why am I coughing, hacking, snotting and spitting all over the place? Because I have these stupid allergies that insist on invading my sinuses. Makes me absolutely crazy.

So, I decided to do this blog thing for Schwen, she's my only friend on here. And since she is clear out in La La Land (Washington State) and I'm in Ohio, this seems the best way to keep track of what we are up to.

My daughter Baeleigh is going into First Grade at Crestview Elementary. I applied for a job as their librarian and didn't get it. I guess I can't complain to awful much - It's the first time since I was 13 that I got turned down for a job. I guess I am destined to die at BBC! I've been here for nine years and it feels like an eternity. Wendy can relate - she was my predecessor.

It's after 5:00 pm on a Thursday afternoon - when I get home I'm double dosing the Nyquil and taking a long summer's nap. Good Night!